This Ain’t Your Mama’s Marketing Blog!

//This Ain’t Your Mama’s Marketing Blog!

This Ain’t Your Mama’s Marketing Blog!

Hey!  Welcome!  Glad you could stop by.

Let’s get the introductions out of the way, my name is Laurie and I have been doing Internet marketing for more years than I care to count.  This is the part where I tell you how wonderful I am and boast about the wonderful results I get for all my clients and how I am the latest and greatest marketing guru you should sit up and pay attention to.

Yeah…I am not going to do that

In fact I absolutely hate that crap and besides that is what ‘About’ pages are for.  Here are some other things I won’t do either.  I won’t fill your screen with popups or popunders or any other crap forcing you to subscribe to my blog.  While I love new subscribers I am not going to hold a gun forcing you to do so.  I am never going to lock content either if you want to share my posts…a heartfelt thank you.  I won’t create a list of magical “must have” tools that will turn your business into an empire rivaling Apple.  You know the list I mean filled with affiliate links.

What I will do

I will talk about marketing and how I do it.  I talk about the things that work for my clients and the sites that I own myself.  I will also try and do it without the industry speak or other inane jargon.  If you ever hear me say stuff like “outside the box” or mutter platitudes like “just provide value” please…I beg of you…punch me in the face.

I am direct…often painfully so.  You’d think that after doing this for awhile my brain/mouth filter would work better…alas it does not.




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